SoundStage Crystal XGF-S600

///SoundStage Crystal XGF-S600

SoundStage Crystal XGF-S600

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Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Set yourself free to enjoy life or multitask with these wireless ear buds.  Realize a return on investment by freeing yourself from wires that can break or even worse, pull your expensive phone or tablet so that it falls and breaks or even becomes submerged!

Multitasking is becoming a way of life. Combine the use of your computer or tablet and phone into one control system that is always at your fingertips. All of the controls are available with three, simple buttons that offer a multitude of control with easily learned command sequences. No longer do you have to worry about missing that important phone call or being out of range from your music. Now you can get that cup of coffee or go to the bathroom without lugging everything with you.

This product pays for itself! How many ear buds have you had to buy because the wires simply can’t handle your lifestyle? Worse yet, the wires tug on your expensive device risking damage and failure. For a small price, you can protect larger investments while reducing your risk of down time. Take calls, listen to music, and experience life as it was meant to be. Enable yourself for under $30!

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BluetoothBluetooth 4.0+EDR wireless connection

smart talkWorks with Apple Siri

Built-in microphone for callsMicrophoneSymbol

NoiseReductionBi-directional Noise Reduction with MEMS noise cancellation microphone

Music SymbolCD Quality Sound

AACSupports AAC & SBC

BatteryBattery Status displayed on iOS devices

Lightweight & PortableLightweight and Portable

Wireless Bluetooth Headset High Quality Music Output
Wireless Bluetooth Headset MEMS microphone
Wireless Bluetooth Headset XDR GF-S600 Moisture Proof

Enjoy wireless music with the latest Bluetooth Technology

Wires connected to your mobile phone are an inconvenience. You want to put the phone in your pocket, briefcase, backpack or purse and still take calls and listen to music. With the Crystal XGF-S600 you can connect to your devices using bluetooth 4.0, so there are no wires to tether you to your devices.  Nothing to get tangled up with. It’s simple, reliable and you’ll always get great sound.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset XGF-S600 Bluetooth Distance


  • Bluetooth 4.0+EDR
  • A2DP 1.2/AVRCP1.4/HSP1.2/ HFP1.6/CVC6.0
  • Support SBC,AAC
  • Noise reduction
  • 5 hour playback time
  • 10m wireless range
  • Batter status dispay on IOS
  • Supports APT-X,SBC,AAC

What's in the Box

  • Headset
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • 3 sizes of secure fit ear pieces


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