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ProfoundSound cSharp


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Audio Enhancement Software

  • Rich user interface
  • 10 band graphic equalizer
  • Variable loudness
  • Auto Volume Leveling
  • Variable Dynamic Surround Sound
  • Variable Dynamic Virtual Bass
  • Variable High Frequency Restoration
  • 20 band spectral analyzer
  • Variable Dynamic Bass and Dynamic Voice
  • Custom User Settings
  • Multiple Output settings for headphones, and internal and external speakers

Utilizing TruDynamics processing, you can make your speakers or headphones sound the way YOU WANT them to sound, not the way that SOMEONE ELSE THINKS they should sound. For the best in audio it’s ProfoundSound cSharp.

This is a 7 day FREE TRIAL. After the free trial, you can purchase from within the app for $4.95.

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Windows 7 Compatible
 Windows 8 Compatible
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ProfoundSound Audio Enhancement Control PanelPS_Control_Panel

The heart of ProfoundSound is the control panel.  Here, features can be enabled, disabled, or modified. The ProfoundSound default configurations (loaded on power-up) are vastly superior to existing audio profiles, however, many users would like the option to override the defaults and tailor the audio to their individual preferences.  The ProfoundSound Control Panel allows the user to alter the algorithm values to ones that are more suitable to his ear, providing him with the ultimate control over his listening environment.  These alterations can be saved as unique configurations that can be loaded on demand.

ProfoundSound Bass Enhancement Panel
PS Bass Enhancement

With Profound Sound Bass Enhancement, the low frequency response of the speakers is improved to rival the response of more expensive home theater speakers and sub-woofers. Consumers can enjoy the special effects of an action movie or the deep bass of a drum in a concert video without any extra add-on equipment.  Rival technologies attempt to provide such low frequency enhancement, but only through boosting the entire low frequency region. This can often lead to boosting unwanted frequencies, providing more energy than is necessary to the speaker causing saturation and distortion.  Profound Sound Bass Enhancement operates on specific frequencies, thus minimizing distortion. The enhancement is dynamically adjusted so that bass is provided even at low volumes while preventing saturation at high volumes.

ProfoundSound Spatializer
PS Spatializer

How does a customer enjoy the unique experience of multi-channel surround sound with only 2 speaker channels? You can’t with existing technologies, but with the ProfoundSound Spatializer, he can. The ProfoundSound Spatializer goes beyond surround sound by using proprietary algorithms to enhance the sound staging and presence of the audio, thus creating a more immersive experience than other technologies. Using the ProfoudSound Spatializer allows for the enjoyment of both multi-channel recordings and traditional 2 channel recordings in a 2 channel system.  Multi-channel recordings contain information in side channels, such that when played back, the audio is dispersed.  The more dispersion, the more surround sound effect.  Competing technologies offer minimal dispersion, while the ProfoundSound Spatializer yields greater dispersion and thus greater surround effects and improved sound staging. When the balance is fully left or fully right, there is significant dispersion with the ProfoundSound Spatializer, thus maintaining the sound stage.  In 2 channel recordings, where the dispersion is minimal, the ProfoundSound Spatializer enhances the dispersion and allows an improved immersive experience from 2 channels.

PS ClarityProfoundSound Clarity Enhancement

Much of today’s audio and video is compressed.  The advantage is the ability to deliver content with reduced and manageable file sizes.  The downside of compression is the loss of full range audio (20 Hz to 20KHz).  MP3 compression for example, truncates the audio after about 12-15KHz (depending upon the compression algorithm), so that audio content is lost and dynamic range is compromised.  This would occur even if a consumer had an expensive home theater system or sound bar.  With ProfoundSound Clarity Enhancement, this content is restored allowing the customer to hear full range audio from his speakers and sparking the envy of his neighbors with high end audio systems.

PS TruDynamicsProfoundSound TruDynamics®

ProfoundSound utilizes patent pending TruDynamics Processing algorithms designed to maximize the listening experience no matter what the environment or source material.  Bass, Treble, and Surround sound effects are quite often dependent upon what is present in the source material in order to achieve their effectiveness.  Optimizing the settings for a particular recording might not give the best results for a different track because the recording technique might be different or the mixing of the tracks emphasizes or de-emphasizes certain attributes. With the TruDynamics algorithms, the effects are automatically optimized no matter what the recording, thus ensuring that you get the sound you want regardless of how the track was recorded.  Within a recording, volumes vary, so that bass and treble can be washed out at low volumes. With TruDynamics, bass and treble levels are consistent within the recording.

8 reviews for ProfoundSound cSharp

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    stephen boyce


  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hey I just want to pass along my appreciation for the great product you guys have and the incredibly fair price you sell it for.

    I also work for a software company and I can appreciate all the work that goes into making something work so well on so many operating systems for different kinds of hardware.

    I am glad to purchase this product and recommend it to everyone I know.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rich Tookata

    Happy Customer
    Great EQ.Been playing around sounds good.You must be selling lots.I swear it is the best basic,simple,yet very effective.Just the esssential basics.For someone needing a eq with a simple,conventional display this is it.
    Pros: simple.effective.No bloat.
    cons: no option to stay on top(forefront).No extra skins natively,or downloadable.No glitzy skins.Basic minimilist pallette color option for background perhaps.
    For what it does,10/10
    Perhaps implement those 2 options.
    Just a few thoughts on making a simple tool better.Google eq with visual eq.Nothing but fisher pricey nonsense.And if you do find a half decent one it isnt system wide.and bloated to shit.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Schmidt

    I just bought the app, $5 for an app that makes my new $400 Bose computer speakers sound 100 times better, what a steal!

    I see quite a few people online asking for such a product and most people just respond with “you’re out of luck” or try this or that product, which I did and they all were crap.. until I found this. Amazingly perfect for me, I wonder how many people are wishing they knew about CSharp.

    Themes would be awesome, or better yet the ability to create a theme with a config file, a built-in GUI for that would be crazy nice, I’d pay for any of it as an upgrade in a heart beat.

    So I just took my old iPad 2, made it an extra display, and put the app on there. Besides looking way cool with the real time display, everything now touch capable, how freaking awesome is that!

    I can send you guys a youtube clip if you want, but I’m sure you all have seen or done that already 🙂

    Love it!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter Orourke

    Nice program

    Nice proggy (as the Aussies say) by the way

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    J Lauler

    Love the Software
    Thanks for all your help….specially the quick responses…Ps Love the software it really helps my laptop volume

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ron Nadeau

    Best Sound processor available

    This is the BEST pc sound processor available. I was using Breakaway before but that isn’t being developed anymore so I found Profoundsound and tried it. IT SOUND INCREDIBLE.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sam Moss

    Great Little Lite Weight Sound Utility

    Works with HDMI
    Easy to Install
    Great Customer Service
    Nice Sound Quality

    Requires Re-Install At Times
    Doesn’t Just PlugNPlay

    I purchased this because the HP sound system that was built into my desktop even with that Dr Dre business just flat out didn’t work on a HDMI set up. I run my sound system through my flat screen then back out to my Bose sound system and this utility was just the ticket. I’m able to tweak sounds according to what ever it is I’m listening to be it a game or move or Pandora. It really boosted the full range of sounds. Don’t understand why some people have said it sounds tinny or what ever because you can adjust all that. It to me is like having a pre-amp when you allow it to be your default device in Windows sound settings and set the HDMI to default communication device. Works very well and highly recommend for those of us on a budget that want an extra umph that you’ll be able to set and save various settings to fit your listening needs.

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